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Terminated Deportation Order


Kiran Niar was with me step by step and during all the court proceedings. Before I retained her, the Immigration Judge had ordered me deported for alleging that I was smuggling aliens into the US. I was detained and was representing myself. Although, I adamantly denied alien smuggling, the judge based on government’s limited documentary so called evidence ordered me removed. After I was released from custody, I retained Ms. Nair. She argued against the deportation and charge of alien smuggling. She vehemently argued in court opposing removal order saying that it was in violation of my fundamental rights. After several court hearings, the government dismissed removal proceedings based on Ms. Nair’s arguments. I was no longer facing deportation, and was reinstated to green-card status, all thanks to Ms. Nair fighting for me. I would strongly recommend Ms. Nair to anyone facing removal or having other issues with the U.S. Immigration system.


Highly recommend


Kiran helped me obtain my citizenship and I am very grateful. She is very intelligent and a great representative to have on your side while going through the immigration process. She made the process understandable, and always gave me confidence from our initial meeting through the interview. Even after the interview and naturalization process I was able to contact her with questions and she was always reassuring and informative. I highly recommend her legal services and a special thanks to her assistant, Susana, who also helped greatly with all of the paperwork and process.


U-Visa and Green Card


Attorney is excellent and very professional. She successfully worked on the U-Visa for my daughter, my husband and I and right after processed our green card.
Her team is always helpful and cooperative.
They all have a human attitude and help clients.
Thanks to her I am now a legal permanent resident. I recommend her without a question.

Elizabeth Figueroa

Intelligent and Professional


Kiran was a great help to me in a citizenship application. In particular, my situation fell within a very narrow scope of both the criminal and immigration law and required some explaining of the law to the officers at USCIS. She was able to make them understand that I was not convicte and hence was eligible for naturalization.
The entire paperwork process was handled by her, and we got it done efficiently thanks to her.


Knowledge and Intelligence with Kiran K. Nair


It is my pleasure to provide a review for the attorney Ms. Kiran Kutty Nair. Back in in 2012, my son was facing an impossible case with immigration, after searching three different attorneys, and having negative responses. I couldn’t let go my faith that there was someone there who could help the case. I Found Kiran Nair, who was able to hear and study my son’s case and give me the confidence I needed. It wasn’t an easy case, and Kiran’s strong personality and ability to know what she was doing, long hours of searching and finding ways to fight and win the case, and prevent the deportation. I still remember each time we will have to go to court, she will express to me “think positive, don’t give up on me” and believe it or not, those words were the key for success and no matter what each time, we had one step ahead of victory. “When you renew your mind transformation happens” right? and that is how I did believe and trust in my attorney Kiran Nair. Thanks for all her efforts and long hours of searching, studying the case, the respect, empathy and compassion to her clients made a big difference. My son was not deported and even after two years, I still communicate with Kiran, she is there for you, and at any time I would provide excellent professional reference for the attorney KIRAN KUTTY NAIR