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A notice to appear in the removal or deportation Immigration Court is not the conclusion. Immigrant rights may qualify for temporary or permanent status and rights to appeal.

K Nair Law P.C. defends and advocates for immigrants with green cards or without lawful status in the U.S. Immigration Courts removal proceedings. Each immigrant’s case is unique, and we strategize to provide the most effective representation.

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What Are the Common Grounds for Removal?

An immigrant can be subjected to the removal proceedings process for many reasons. Under Code 8 U.S.C. § 1227, the most common causes of deportation include:
  • Violation of green card status (such as conviction of a deportable offense)
  • Marriage fraud
  • Documentation fraud or committing fraud to gain an immigration benefit
  • Overstaying visa timeframe
  • Inadmissibility at the time they were granted green card status
Many immigrants present in the United States, without permission or who entered without inspection, are unfortunately placed in removal proceedings due to a minor criminal or traffic violation. At K Nair Law, we have helped hundreds of immigrants stay in the United States after being placed in removal proceedings.

The Deportation Removal Proceedings Process

Immigrants with green card status are subject to deportation or removal proceedings. This usually happens if the immigrant violates U.S. immigration laws (such as conviction of a deportable criminal offense) after being granted a green card. However, the immigrant could qualify for discretionary relief and maintain their green card status, including the ability to become a U.S. citizen.

Notice to Appear

Immigrants in removal proceedings are usually issued and served a Notice to Appear – a document stating various allegations or reasons why the immigrant is placed in removal proceedings. All immigrants have a right to an attorney. The removal proceeding is a highly complex process, requiring effective representation to prevent removal and obtain lawful status.


The Master Calendar Hearing

The Master Calendar is a status hearing in which the immigrant must appear – otherwise, they are subject to an ordered removal. Immigration court matters can take several years due to significant backlogs, which may result in several master hearings before a final adjudication or merit hearing is scheduled.


Individual Merit Hearing

The Individual or merit’s hearing is usually the final hearing in which the immigrant presents all their evidence, including his or her testimony for the Immigration Judge to issue a decision. We effectively represent all immigrants' interests at the merit’s hearing.



If the immigrant feels that the judge’s decision is incorrect, or the judge was biased or prejudiced against the immigrant, the immigrant has a right to appeal the decision with the Board of Immigration Appeal (BIA). We review Immigration Court cases to determine grounds for appeal.

How K Nair Law P.C. Helps Immigrants

K Nair Law P.C. works closely with immigrants to manage removal proceedings in the following areas:


Discretionary Applications Adjudication

We effectively represent immigrants in Immigration Court and apply for discretionary forms of relief, such as the cancellation of the removal for residents and non-residents, 212H Waivers, 212C Waivers, NACARA, and Suspension of Deportation.


Asylum and Related Forms of Relief

We effectively represent immigrants facing removal in fear of returning to their native countries due to persecution or threats of persecution. They may qualify for asylum, withholding of removal, or protection under the Conventions Against Torture Act.


Dismissal of Removal Proceedings

1-3 lines explaining K Nair helps immigrants fight deportation by applying for cancellation of removal. This application will work to waive the accusations of immigration violations.

Our Promise to Immigrants Facing Removal Proceedings



We prioritize clear and quick communication in every relationship. You will be involved in every step of the removal proceedings process.



K Nair Law P.C. was founded by an immigrant. We understand the challenges you’re facing – and we’ll work closely with you to represent your interests.



We don’t lead people blindly. K Nair Law P.C. provides understanding in simple terms and support throughout the removal proceedings to make sure you understand every step involved in maintaining your legal status.

Creative Problem Solving

Creative Problem Solving

Every immigration situation is different. We look at the removal proceedings process like a puzzle – and we are dedicated to determining favorable results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Removal proceedings are U.S. Immigration Court hearings before an immigration judge to determine if an immigrant is removable as charged or if they may stay in the United States. The process begins when the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issues a notice to appear in court, usually for lack of lawful status or violation of U.S. immigration laws.
Each removal proceeding process has unique challenges and obstacles. Most cases take several years due to a significant backlog. However, more and more Immigration Judges are hired every year in hopes of reducing the backlogs. The case may also be expedited if it meets limited exceptions such as having applied for asylum at the border. In this situation, the court case is usually expedited and the decision may be issued within several months to a year.
We charge fees based on our experience of having represented hundreds of immigrants over the last 17 years. These fees are reasonable and always disclosed prior to representation and written in the Retainer Agreement, so there are no surprises after our services are retained.

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