Immigration Attorney Kiran Nair

Immigration Attorney Kiran Nair

Kiran Nair is the founder of K Nair Law Group, P.C.

As a first generation American, Ms. Nair has a personal understanding of what it means to be an immigrant and strive for the American Dream. It is the reason that she is compassionate about practicing immigration law. For over 17 years, attorney Nair has successfully helped many immigrants and non-immigrants achieve the American Dream of becoming U.S. citizens.

At K Nair Law Group, attorney Kiran Nair is the person you consult with and who continues to work on your case from beginning until matter is concluded whether representing on visa, permanent resident or green-card status, or naturalization.
Since obtaining her law degree in 2005 from the Whittier School of Law in Costa Mesa, California, Ms. Nair has been effectively representing thousands of immigrants and non-immigrants from over 75 countries in the Immigration Courts at removal and deportation proceeding and U.S. Immigration and Citizenship Services (USCIS), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and U.S. Consulates abroad.
Attorney Nair continues to stay on top of the constantly changes in U.S. immigration laws and policies through membership in the Federal Bar Association (FBA) and American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), which is the national association of U.S. immigration lawyers established to promote justice and advocate for fair and reasonable immigration laws in the United States.
Attorney Kiran Nair started her practice in criminal and immigration defense. Having a criminal defense background is essential in effectively representing immigrants with criminal convictions and charges which can cause severe immigration consequences such as making someone with green-card or visa subject to removal or deportation and denial to admission or lawful status including U.S. citizenship.
Like many immigrants, attorney Nair’s mother came with few dollars to her name seeking the American Dream. And like most immigrants, initially they struggled and lived in a trailer and shopped at the local dumpster and thrift stores while her mother worked long hours wanting a hopeful future. Thanks to the dedication and hard work of her mother, attorney Nair attended college and graduated with Juris Doctorate and now with her law degree is helping immigrant families and children achieve the American Dream.

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