Kiran Nair is a hard-working, highly responsive, and extremely professional immigration attorney. I have been fortunate enough to collaborate with her and to see the impact she has on the people around her. Any time a client of mine has a question regarding immigration issues, or any immigration needs, I reach out to Kiran immediately, knowing she’ll treat the client like family. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Lauren M.

I was blessed to have met Miss Kiran. She had helped me with my citizenship status. She was there and available throughout the whole process. Assist and ensure that you are ready with your exam. One thing I truly like was that she easy and to get a hold off for any questions and concerns.

Jd D.

As a fellow attorney I am very careful of who I trust for advice and who I trust to refer my clients to. Kiran Nair is a true professional and an expert in her field. I would highly recommend that anyone seeking assistance with an immigration matter hire her, they will be in excellent hands.

Meghan T.

Ms. Nair is an excellent immigration attorney who is dedicated to effectively representing immigrants. She has helped so many with getting green cards, visas, and citizenship. I’m always confident sending my friends and family to her. During the consultation you will realize the depth of her knowledge and compassion.

Damon M.

Kiran is an amazing lawyer.  Professional, trustworthy, hard working, and attentive to detail.  I can’t imagine working with anyone else, and I would recommend friends, family, anyone to work with her.

Joelle Santiago

She helped me a lot and she is very nice. I was referred to her, and since I met her I witnessed how responsible she is. I always trusted her and she did everything she could. In my interview she was fighting for my case and I could tell she wanted to help me in every way. Everyone that I tell them about her, I will say that she is very nice, trust her, and I definitely recommend her.  She is responsible in her work and that is why I recommend. She is a good attorney!

Mario V

She is an amazing attorney she helped my husband and   I would recommend her to everybody .. she is very organized..trustworthy and very nice

Marina Bayardo

I would personally recommened Mrs. kiran Nair if anyone ever finds themselves in need of legal immigration representation. Mrs. Nair is a very professional attorney in regards to any immigration matter. From our first consultation and up to the interview and even after the interview Mrs. Nair was always there to walk us step by step and explain or answer any question that we might have in our case. I can highly say with all confidence that Mrs Nair is one of the best attorneys in the business. My husband and I are very pleased with her services and would gladly recomend her to anyone who is in need of an attorney. We are very happy that we chose her as our attorney and we thank Mrs. Nair for being such a compassionate professional and for going beyond in our case.

Guadalupe Rosas

I have now consulted with immigration attorney, Kiran Nair on a few complicated immigration matter. After speaking with her multiple times, I quickly realized that Ms. Nair is a dedicated and highly experienced immigration attorney because she takes time to explain all matters and does it in simple terms so I can follow and understand. Each time, she provided correct and accurate information for a successful result. I do refer her with confidence to my family and friends in need of a superb immigration attorney.

Sagina Wahi

Mrs. Kiran is one of the best lawyer in California. She did her best o support me on my US Citizen application. I had an interview with USCIS on Saturday, and it was amazed me that Mrs. Kiran took her time out at the weekend to go with me to the interview to ensure these is no mistake at the interview. Thru out the US Citizen application process, Mrs. Kiran reviewed very careful every single document before submitting to the USCIS. I am strongly recommended Mrs. Kiran if you are in need of an immigration matter.

Tai Kieu

Fantastic immigration attorney. Would recommend any of my friends or family here.

Samuel Bretzmann

Me ayudó en el trámite de mi residencia. Me tocó ir a CD Juarez, sin ningún problema. Me explicó todo a detalle y bien organizado, a tal punto que en la entrevista no hubo necesidad de tantas preguntas, pues el paquete estaba muy bien organizado.

Victor Vásquez (Letras Pegadas)

La abogada Kiran Nair es una excelente abogada ganó el caso de asilo de mi familia el cual también me benefició mucho. Yo recomiendo a la abogada porque se toma el tiempo de estudiar el caso y hace hasta lo imposible por ganar el caso. Es la mejor abogada de inmigración

Paulina Chavez

I am grateful that Kiran took on my immigration case. We faced some obstacles along the way but Kiran fought extremely hard for my case. She was the best advocate and guided me and my family through every step of the way. Kiran was able to help me get military parole, a work permit, and after a long legal battle, I was granted my green card. Kiran listened to my concerns and needs and was very transparent about the process. She gave me hope and I appreciated that she also communicated with my adult children so that we could all understand what the process was like. Kiran sincerely cares about her clients and goes out of her way to get things done/ She was kind and understanding. I was confident that she would help me get my green card and she did. The immigration system is difficult to navigate but Kiran will work hard and be transparent about the process of your case. 

Sonia S.

I searched for months for a good immigration attorney to assist my parents in adjusting legal status. My brother and I were serving in the military and wanted to be able to help our parents in getting their green card. Some attorneys were charging high legal fees and did not seem to be invested in my family’s case. When we had a consultation with Kiran, I could tell right away that she was very passionate about her job and that I could trust her with my parents’ case. Kiran was very honest from the beginning and I could tell that she was going to fight hard for my parents. The process took a few years because the process to adjust is lengthy. Kiran filed everything right away and all we had to do was wait for USCIS to process everything. Kiran accompanied us to all courts and was very confident and respectful during interviews when speaking to immigration officers. I had faith that the outcome would be a positive one. We had some hurdles during the process but Kiran refiled for reconsideration and she was able to win the case. When my mother got her green card we cried of joy and we were extremely thankful that Kiran was the one that got us that far. My family and I are extremely thankful and can not emphasize enough how amazing Kiran is. If you are looking for someone that will be honest and care about your case, Kiran is the attorney for you!

Kimberly M.

I’m very thankful to Kiran for helping me during the whole process of my green card. She was very professional, approachable and always happy to help. Thanks to her we filled out all the required documents correctly, so my case had no delays. She would always get back to me ASAP whenever I had a question. I would highly recommend her service for someone with immigration matter. She is up to date and very thorough!! I would give Ms. Nair a 10 out of 10. 

Melinda K.

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